Plus-Size Lace Dresses and Designer Evening Gowns

Plus-size lace dresses are ideal for portraying a charming and romantic look at any special event. A plus-size formal lace dress can be classic, trendy, or a blend of both. Here you will find elegant floor-length evening dresses with lace accents, chic and stylish lace plus dresses with contemporary neck and hemlines, as well as timeless classics like a floor-length black lace evening dress. Originally developed in the sixteenth century, lace was extremely expensive and typically reserved for the wealthy members of society due to the time-consuming techniques and great skill needed to create the lavish fabric. Present day lace, although now mostly machine made, is richly designed and still maintains its sophisticated allure, but is more affordably priced. Shop the designer assortment of lace dresses in plus sizes offered at Simply Dresses to find an elegant plus-size lace dress that will make your wardrobe and wallet happy.

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