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Formal Evening Gowns and Cocktail Dresses by Color

Shopping for dresses by your favorite color has never been easier! To help you get started, Simply Dresses has an assortment of formal gowns and party dresses organized by color. These beautiful short semi-formal dresses and long evening dresses come in just about every shade imaginable and are just waiting to be explored. Discover a full array of little black dresses and cute white dresses. Big on blue? You’ll find bold blue dresses and elegant navy evening gowns. Look pretty in pink? Check out the feminine pink party dresses or trendy mauve dresses. Wow without trying in an exciting red dress. Whether you need a long formal dress or short party dress, browse this collection of dresses by color. Here you’re sure to find your ideal formal evening gown, cocktail party dress, or semi-formal dress in a flattering shade.

What Color Dress Is Best for Me?

Finding the best color cocktail party dress or formal gown for you starts by identifying colors that complement your skin tone. The classic rule is to go with cool tones (like blue dresses, green dresses, or purple dresses) for lighter complexions and warm shades (red dresses, orange dresses, and yellow dresses) if you have a medium or dark skin tone. Bright colored dresses and white dresses stand out against dark skin tones. When in doubt, the little black dress has the ability to flatter just about any skin tone with the added perks of timelessness and versatility.

While skin tone can be a factor in choosing the right formal evening gowns or party dresses by color, personality and personal preference are most important. For instance, while bright dresses standout on darker skin tones, you may personally prefer a subtle color instead for your formal gown or cocktail dress. Want to express a vibrant personality through brilliant hues? Bold magenta pink dresses, green dresses, and multicolored print dresses are excellent options. For the free-spirited soul, short dresses and long dresses in light tones highlight a carefree personality. Just as every girl is unique, so is every shade for cocktail party dresses and formal gowns. Here you will find an abundance of dress color options to choose from, putting a rainbow of style possibilities at your fingertips.

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