Designer Dressy Dresses with Jackets

Are you looking for a dress with a jacket? A dress with a matching jacket can give you the versatility of going from a day at work to an evening out. Wearing a dress with matching a jacket can turn a stylish dress into a striking outfit. A matching jacket adds an extra fashion dimension to any dress. Long evening dresses with jackets are an excellent choice for sophisticated formal events. Jacket dresses that cover the shoulders are perfect for church ceremonies. A jacket dress is always a great choice for career wear, since it provides a two-piece coordinated outfit. If you are the gal who often finds herself a bit too chilled in air conditioning or too cold outdoors at evening events, a dress with a matching jacket is a comfortable and fashionable solution. Now, You can be comfortable in a fashionable coordinated outfit.


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    Are you a mother of the bride or groom looking for a dress with a matching bolero jacket? Long dresses with bolero jackets are an excellent choice to wear for the ceremony. You can then take off your matching jacket at the reception. In our collection, you will find formal dresses with jackets suitable for the mother of the bride at church or evening weddings. There are also short cocktail dresses with lacey jackets for less formal events. These are suitable for wedding guest dresses. Simply Dresses has a variety dresses with coordinating jackets to choose from to meet your fashion needs.


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