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Style Magic: 5 Tips for Wearing Backless Dresses

Three women looking over their shoulders, showing off their backless formal dresses.
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Style Magic: 5 Tips for Wearing Backless Dresses

Backless dresses

Backless dresses are all the rage this season. For a sexy red-carpet look that commands attention, dresses without backs are seen on many celebrities. Backless dresses are eye-catching styles for formal events where a glamorous style is a must. Elegant for semi-formal and casual events as well, these gorgeous dresses are fun and fabulous for any special occasion. Ready to jump in and make this edgy style work for you? Here are five tips for wearing backless dresses:

snug, secure fit

1. Make Sure the Fit is Correct.

Be sure your open-back dress fits you perfectly so that you look and feel your best. If your dress is too big, it could gap in the back, and if it is too small, the fabric may pucker and will not lay just right. A snug, secure fit is key to a confident, polished look.

2. Don’t Forget the Girls.

No built-in support on your open-back dress? Consider having a seamstress sew cups into your dress or investing in a special bra that provides support without affecting an open-back design. Strapless clear-back bras, multi-way convertible bras with clear straps, and do-it-yourself clear strap extensions are excellent ways to get the support you need while maintaining a bra-free look from the back. Backless body shapers are another option and have the added benefit of smoothing out your curves, too! If you don’t need much support, but would like more coverage, try a stick-on adhesive bra, stick-on bra cups, or breast petals that conceal with a subtle lift.

bra-free look

Keep Fashion Tape Handy

3. Keep Fashion Tape Handy.

Hollywood fashion tape keeps the bodice front from gaping and helps to keep the shoulder straps in place by taping the fabric directly to your skin. This could help save the day by preventing a strap from falling or your v-neckline gaping while you’re out on the dance floor.

4. Be Sure Your Back is Ready to Shine.

The most important accessory when wearing backless dresses is YOU. Worried that your back is not ready for the spotlight? Why not start a skin care regimen a couple of weeks before your big event? Scrub away any dead skin with a loofah and, if needed, use an acne scrub regularly before applying a light moisturizer. This should help clear up any problems and let your back be the star of the show at your next event.

make your back ready for the spotlight

Choose the Right Hairstyle

5. Choose the Right Hairstyle.

Why wear a sexy open-back dress if your hair will cover the dramatic effect? There are many beautiful short hairstyles and updos that keep a backless design centerstage. Find a fabulous hairstyle that keeps your hair up and away from your back for a look that is sure to impress.

Practice your over-the-shoulder sultry look so you’re ready for pictures in your open-back dress. Be even more prepared when you follow the above 5 tips on how to wear backless dresses! Ready to pick out your ideal backless dress? Be sure to check out Simply Dresses for a collection of backless dresses with up-to-the-minute corset designs, multiple straps, and trendy caged-back details.

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