• Tricia R.

    “I'm really impressed with your service. It goes above and beyond what I expected. Your response has been incredible. The shoes are for my teenage daughter's Homecoming dance.”

  • Monica D.

    "I AM DANCING with this news! What a terrific experience this has been! You cannot help but succeed with your get-it-done attitude and mad skills to back it up! THANK YOU KIM! You will be barraged with Wauwatosa girls' orders, since Junior prom is coming up!!!! I also just stopped into my office, from the lab, and realized that you had CALLED me too! Thanks for not thinking me bizarre for not calling back! Although I am a computer geek, I would have loved to thank you "in person", or the next best thing to being there, anyway. Bless you for your miraculous resolution to our frustrating, nightmare-producing problem! You are quite a talented person. I'll drop a note and maybe a *.jpg of Jessica in YOUR dress!!!!! To be continued...!"

  • Al S.

    "I am just writing one more time to thank you for some very special customer service. It unfortunately is rare today to have someone take a personal interest, and actually know your name and remember you like you did in this case! And then, on top of that, we are talking internet here, not a brick and mortar store. This dress is very important to my daughter, and it had to be "perfect". You have helped make her big night better, and all of us in the family thank you sincerely."

  • Vee H.

    "I love the dress! I wore it to the annual Fireman's Dance in St. Maarten and I got lots of compliments. It was my first time attending the event and the dress was perfect. I will definitely be ordering from this site in the future."

  • Kristyna D.

    "Thank you for your help. Thanks to you I had the most beautiful and interesting dress. My Graduation Ball was perfect. Thank you!"