Legal Notice

Please Read Below for Some Important Information Regarding your Contact Information

As Formals and other life events were canceled last year it affected you personally, and our business of serving our customers for these special moments.

As we begin a new year, we are optimistic and excited about the return of special occasions in our lives. Occasion Brands is now operating under a new LLC, New Occasion Brands. As part of the sale and in accordance with Occasion Brands’ privacy policy (in which Occasion Brands reserved the right to transfer personal and non-personal information collected to a successor organization in the event of a sale), your personal information has been passed on to us under the new LLC so that we may continue providing you with stylish products for every event on

This past year has also been a time for us to reflect on what we appreciate the most, and that is you. Because we value your business, we are committed to maintaining your trust. We will continue to maintain and protect your personal information in accordance with Occasion Brands’ privacy policy, and will not use, disclose, sell or share your information.