Casual and Formal Jumpsuits in Flattering Fits

Casual and Formal Jumpsuits

In love with the latest jumpsuits craze but not sure how to pull it off? We’ve got you. From jumpsuits by body type to accessorizing and picking out the right color, here’s what you need to know.

Tailored jumpsuits

If You’re Short and Buying a Jumpsuit...

Tailored jumpsuits (as in, nothing too drapey or oversized) are going to look best on you if you’re petite. So as you shop, look for a slim-fitting and cropped jumpsuit style like this gold and black V-neck jumpsuit by Simply Dresses.
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jumpsuit with a flutter V-neckline

If You’re Tall And Buying a Jumpsuit...

As you go to look for a great jumpsuit that will complement your body type, start with the pant leg. A nice wide legged jumpsuit, like this maroon jumpsuit with a flutter V-neckline, will play up your height and elongate your frame.
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Plus Size Jumpsize

If You’re Plus Size and Buying a Jumpsuit...

For a jumpsuit style that plays up your curves and gives you shape, look for plus-size jumpsuits with a belt at the natural waist and a wide pant leg. This one by SimplyDresses would be perfect for your next formal event or wedding (it also comes in red!).
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Formal Jumpsuit

If You’re Looking for a Formal Jumpsuit...

Formal jumpsuits are a fabulous unexpected alternative to formal dresses. The trick to ensuring your jumpsuit looks elevated enough for a formal event is in the tailoring, fabric and neckline. Look for structured styles (cropped if you’re shorter and wide leg if you’re taller), finer fabrics (like chiffon or even velvet) and open necklines (like strapless or even one-shoulders).
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Casual Jumpsuit

If You’re Looking for a Casual Jumpsuit...

Printed fabrics, loose-fitting styles and drawstring belts are all going to give your jumpsuit a more laid-back look. (PS We have lots of cute casual jumpsuits in our Simply Dresses gallery!)
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Budget Jumpsuit

If You’re On a Budget...

To get the most out of your jumpsuit, look for a style that will span the seasons, like this V-neck black jumpsuit. The sleeves are cool enough for a spring or summer event, while the black fabric and style makes it totally appropriate for the cooler months.
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Flattering Jumpsuit

If You’re Looking for The Most Flattering Jumpsuits...

In short: Take the most universally flattering color and styles and put them all together. A black jumpsuit, like this V-neck style, is easy to dress up and down (not to mention a great added staple for your wardrobe).
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